AJAJ transportation adopted a zero-tolerance & complaint policy addressing the use of drugs or alcohol by drivers while providing services.

The drivers of the company’s limousines shall never consume alcohol or drugs while they are driving the company’s limousines, providing transportation services, prearranged or pick-up. In addition drivers shall never smoke, vape, use e cig inside the company’s limousines.

A complaint policy is provided on the company’s website Ajtransportation.com.
Passengers can file complaint using our website or email to  


If a complaint is filed, the driver will be suspended from providing services until the end of the investigation.

All filled complaints will be taken very seriously and will kept in our records for a minimum of 2 years from the date they are received.

AJAJ Transportation adopted a nondiscrimination policy of passengers or potential passengers. AJAJ Transportation will not discriminate due to race, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, ,
religion and disability. AJAJ Transportation drivers have been notified of policy.

AJAJ Transportation will not impose any additional charges to physically disabled passengers due to their disabilities

AJAJ Transportation and its drivers will comply with all applicable laws regarding the accommodation of service animals.

Insurance meets the requirements of PA 345 of 2016

Drivers of AJAJ transportation informed about our policies and signed the agreement to comply with these policies.